So, you’ve set up a social media account for the church, now you need to let people know.

There are two main groups of people you need to communicate to:
1) Your church
2) Potential visitors and the surrounding community.
To let your church know:
  • Find as many of your church members on Twitter/Facebook and follow them (don’t forget to also follow your diocese to let them know you’re online)
  • announce it at the next service (repeat the announcement for the next two to three weeks, then remind people every few months)
  • add details to the service sheet and newsletter
Top tip:
Consider making a big deal of the launch and holding a social media service at church. For those who know all about twitter, use a hashtag to get people involved. Encourage people to get out their smart phones and tweet rather than telling people to turn them off and put them away. 
For potential visitors and the community:
  • add the twitter/facebook logos onto your noticeboard outside the church, this way if someone is driving past or can’t stop to take down a phone number, they will at least know they can find you on social media
  • add links from your website – make sure these links are on the home page and are easily visible
  • add links from, thousands of people use this site every year to find their local church
  • add to any advertising, posters etc when you are promoting an event

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