Effective Headers

One of the things Twitter and Facebook have in common is its use of headers. Using the right photo or graphic in this space can tell people vital information about your church as well as draw people in, encourage them to spend time on the page and to learn more about you. It’s what they will see first and because of that, you need to make sure you have picked the right image, which says all you need it to say. Think of it as your shop window.
Here are a few ideas for you:
1. Choose a wow photo, something that will make people want to see more:
2. Create a graphic which easily explains who you are or how you work:
3. Choose something simple:
4. Be different (choose something that will make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed) 
5. Use it to send a message. Can you show what kind of church you are in one image? 
6. Use it as a call to action / advertise a big event or project
Things to remember:
  • The header sizes for Twitter and Facebook are different. but if possible, use the same picture for both to bring consistency to your accounts.  (Twitter dimensions: 1500×500 pixels /  Facebook dimensions 851×215 pixels)
  • Keep things fresh by changing the picture every now and again, though not so often it confuses people. Consider changing it with the seasons.
  • Always add a description to the header on Facebook – this can be done by clicking on the image and filling in the edit box on the right.
  • Always check how it looks once you have uploaded the picture and make adjustments if necessary
  • Try and match your header to your profile picture if possible
Finally: Any header is better than no header. A blank space where your header should be is a wasted opportunity.

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