Joining the Conversation

One of my top tips for Twitter is this: Join the conversation.

What do I mean by this? Well, don’t just wait around for people to talk to you, go and talk to them. Have a look at the trending topics (the conversations currently taking place). Are there any you could contribute to?

One of the biggest topics at the end of October is Halloween. As the supermarkets fill with costumes, masks and pumpkins, churches are known for organizing alternative events, such as “Light Parties”, or perhaps making a point of ignoring the holiday altogether. (One church has been known for “Treat or Treat” where they would knock on doors around town and offer the person a treat from a big bag of chocolate bars, surprising the householders who expected to have treats demanded from them!) We clearly have our own thoughts on the festival and how to mark it appropriately – so we do have something to say.

So how does a church join in on the conversations about Halloween happening on Twitter?

One simple way is to share this video:

Created by, it offers a different take on Halloween and is perfect for sharing on Facebook or Twitter (as well as in church). It’s also a great opportunity to collect feedback on the video and create conversation amongsyour followers. What do people think of its message? Have they found it reassuring? Surprising? Revealing? Remember that it’s better to open up a dialogue and engage with people than to close a conversation down by not listening, or being preachy or dogmatic.

And don’t forget – use it with the right hashtags, for example #halloween. Then your voice will be part of the conversation that’s already going on.

Engage and enjoy!

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