Easy Facebook Tips

To make the most out of your Facebook page and to encourage more engagement, here a few things you should be doing:

1. Remove the long link.
When you paste a link into a Facebook post, you’ll notice it automatically generates a nicer link with a thumbnail image and information. If you then delete the link you have pasted in, the generated link will stay. Do this to avoid ugly, long links in your posts. If you need to keep the link in, use a URL shortener such as bit.ly to keep it neat.

2. Explain things
If you’re sharing a link or a post from another page, try and explain why you’re sharing it on your page. A link out of context is confusing and unhelpful. Do you want people to have an opinion on it? Is it good news you want to share? Are you hoping people will find it humorous or inspiring? Always have a reason for posting content.

3. Change the image link
Facebook will automatically add a thumbnail picture to any generated link. Did you know you can change the image? Sometimes the image it picks for you might not be the right one, so click the upload image option and you can choose one that suits the link better.

4. Try to keep posts short
Just because you have more space to talk than you have on Twitter, it doesn’t mean you should fill it up. Posts with less than 100 characters on Facebook actually have more engagement.

5. Use more images
Use images as much as possible. Try to add one to every post if you can. The variety of images, especially ones with a bit of a wow factor, will catch eyes and hopefully encourage people to stay on your page a little longer.

6. Avoid being repetitive
The more posts of a similar style that you add, especially if it’s just text, the more likely it is that people will stop seeing them; they’re more likely just to scroll past it it on their feeds. Regular or samey text posts such as daily prayers, service sheets or events can be enhanced by the addition of images and video. Variety keeps things interesting.

7. High Quality is best
People will be turned off by clip art and small low quality images. If possible, source high quality images which will make people say wow. There are many websites now offering cheap or free professional stock photos. (Never use images straight off Google and ensure you have permission to use all the photos you post)

8. Like and Respond
It’s positive reinforcement. If you like comments, and respond when you can, people will feel encouraged by your response and will be more likely to engage with you on another occasion.


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