10 More Facebook Tips

See my previous set of Facebook tips here

1. Avoid linking Facebook and Twitter together
Both Facebook and Twitter give you the options of linking the accounts so when you post on one, it automatically posts to the other. Although this seems like a time saver, it’s not the best solution at all. It’s clear to everyone that the accounts are linked, meaning they will need to only follow one of the accounts. (Content needs to be tailored to the kind of social media platform you are using) There are also issues with long Facebook posts being cut off mid-sentence on Twitter which is confusing and unhelpful to your audience.

2. Get creative using multiple images.
Posting a few different photos from an event on Facebook is always nice to give people an idea of what it was like, though don’t get too crazy and post a hundred similar images. Instead, try to keep to around 5-20 photos. Did you know you can also post multiple images on Twitter too? It now lets you post up to 4 images at a time.

3. Upload videos straight to Facebook.
Always put your videos on Youtube or Vimeo for sharing on Twitter or on your website, but when it comes to Facebook, upload the video straight to Facebook as this will increase the amount of engagement you should get. Have a read of my blog on easy video suggestions for some ideas.

4. Try Facebook advertising.
If you haven’t looked into boosting the reach of posts because of cost, you may be surprised to find it’s a lot cheaper than you think. For specific posts, you could pay as little as £10 to have your post seen by twice as many people and reach new audiences. Think about putting in a little bit of money around Christmas or a large event to spread the message a little further.

5. Have a good header picture.
This will be one of the first things, if not the first thing people see when they visit your page. See my post on effective header pictures to catch people’s eye. Not only is it a useful place to give a taster as to what your church is like, it can be a place to advertise campaigns, events or a series of themed church services. Ensure that the header picture has a message to tell.

6. Give your photos context
Attempt to add a short description to all the photos you add to posts (once posted, click on the picture and then the edit description option on the right) Something simple to give the image context such as the event, names or location is helpful to people viewing your Facebook photo gallery. Don’t forget to also add a description to your header picture too.

7. Keep an eye on the Facebook insights
Insights are the analytics for your page. This section of the page provides you with all sorts of information including what the best types of posts are and the best time to post. Monitor the analytics to ensure you aren’t wasting your time by posting the wrong content when no-one is online to see it.

8. Fill in all the extra information.
Like Twitter, Facebook has places to fill all sorts of information about your Church, including your website, contact details and location. Don’t forget to fill in as much of this as possible. You can also include a description and opening hours, all of which will be helpful to people looking to visit your church.

9. Schedule your posts
By scheduling the posts, you can keep your page active even when you are unable to post. Look at your Facebook analytics to tell you the best day of the week and time of day to post. To schedule on Facebook, click the little blue down arrow button next to the Publish button and pick schedule. Any scheduled posts will be accessible to edit and reschedule any time from a window underneath the new post box at the top of your page.

10. Edit your mistakes
Spotted a typo or a broken link on a recent post? You can go back and edit the text on any post. In the top right hand corner of every post is a little grey down arrow. Clicking this reveals a variety of options including the option to edit the post.

Got any more tips or questions? Let me know in the comments.
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