Scheduling your Posts

Chances are, you’re not going to have the time to spend all hours of the day on social media (big companies have teams of people that cover their social media 24/7) And if you’re looking after the account single-handedly, there will be times when you’re on holiday, or times when you’re too busy to post

You could just post when you can and go quiet when you can’t, but there are ways scheduling posts on both Twitter and Facebook so that you’ll not only have a regular stream of content, but you can also target your audience when they are most likely to be online.

The biggest times of day for audiences on social media are mornings, lunchtime, evenings and weekends, which are generally times when you may not be available to post.

(Do keep an eye on your insights/analytics as the best time of day to post can change depending on the account)

When creating a new post on your Facebook page, you will notice a little arrow button beside the Publish button. Clicking on this will open up the option to schedule the post, backdate the post, or save it as a draft. If you choose to schedule, a new window will pop up, letting you pick on which day and at what time your content should be posted.

Once you have scheduled a post, a new box will appear just underneath the text box giving you easy access to view all scheduled posts. Through this link you can edit these posts and change their posting schedule.

You can’t currently schedule posts straight from Twitter, but there are still plenty of places to do that. The two most well known are Tweetdeck (a Twitter owned site) and Hootsuite. Click here to find out to use Tweetdeck and how to get the most out of it.

Tweetdeck lets you schedule tweets, including ones with attached photos, and choose exactly what time and date it appears. You can also easily edit scheduled tweets.

To schedule: click the new tweet button in the top left hand corner, you’ll see an option underneath the text box to schedule the tweet, here you can pick the exact time and date. Once you’ve clicked tweet, you will be able to see the tweet in the ‘scheduled tweets’ column and be able to edit and reschedule whenever you need to.

Buffer is a website which lets you schedule social media posts over multiple accounts which can save you time. It can also help you in finding the best time of day to post – all you need to do is create your content and Buffer will do the rest. The are also browser extensions – these work on top of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, which means that if you see an article your followers may like, you can add it to the queue of scheduled posts with just a click of a button.


  • Choose the times to post carefully, companies have come under fire for scheduled content posting during Nov 11th minute’s silence. The type of content should also match the time you post, for example: content targeted at parents scheduled to post during the school run won’t get as much engagement.
  • Don’t rely completely on scheduled posts – what makes social media great is being ‘in the moment’ and sharing what’s happening live.

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