Understanding the Twitter Homepage

There are a lot of components that make up the Twitter Homepage. In this post I’ll be guiding you through everything you need to know about it.

When you log in or have created your account for the first time. It’ll look a little bit like this:

twitter home

(If you haven’t set up your profile/pictures yet, it’ll look a little simpler, but the main blocks are exactly the same)

Home / Notifications / Messages
In the top left hand corner you have these three options:


The home tab is where you currently are on the site (indicated by the blue line underneath) This is your main dashboard where you can see all the tweets for the people following you. Clicking on the Notifications tab will take you to a similar page listing anytime somebody has replied/retweeted/favourited one of your tweets. The Messages tab is where you can find any private messages you have sent or have been sent to you.

Search / Settings / Tweet
In the top right hand corner you have some more options:


The search box lets you search for other users or key words that may be in other tweets. You can also filter the searches to find pictures, videos, the top tweets or all live tweets. Beside the search box is your profile picture. By clicking on it, a drop down list of options appears (see above picture) Here is where you’ll find settings including privacy settings, alerts and where you can change your password etc. The last button is the tweet button. Clicking on this will open up a window inside the webpage for you to create your tweet.

Profile Information
On the left hand side will be this box which displays your profile picture, a second longer picture (known as your header picture) and home3information about your account. This includes how many tweets you have posted, how many people you follow and how many people follow you. If you click on Tweets, this will take you to your stream of tweets. Clicking on Following will take you to a page lists all the people you follow (Where you can easily make adjustments to this list) and Followers shows you a list of all the people following you.

Trending Topics
Underneath the profile information box is a trending topics box. This is a list Twitter creates of the top things people on Twitter are talking about (the topics listed are determined by which location you have set it to look at)


Who to Follow
A box on the right hand side of the page suggests three users at a time you may like to follow. It makes suggestions based on who you already follow.


Twitter Stream
This is the main part of the page. All tweets from users you follow will be displayed here. (Tweets with images or video included will take up more space, like the example underneath)


At the top of the stream in the light blue box you can write tweets (very similar to the create a new tweet box above) and below each tweet are options to reply, retweet, favourite and more. It will also display how many retweets and favourites the tweet has had. Clicking on the tweet will display further information and show any replies the tweet may have had.

If you haven’t set up your Twitter account yet, go back and have a look at my step by step guide. For all my other guides to using Twitter, including how to edit your settings and create lists, click here. 

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