Updating your Twitter Settings

To edit your settings on Twitter, click the little square profile picture in the top right hand corner. This will bring down a down down list of options. Simply click on settings to be taken to the page with all the settings on it.

twittersettingsThe first thing you’ll notice from the picture on the left is that there are a lot of options!

I’ll be talking you through the options you need to know about. Some of the options are a little bit advanced so I’ll only briefly mention them.

This is the basics: username, email address, language, time zone etc. At the very bottom of this page is where you can deactivate your account. Whilst it will make you confirm if you definitely want to deactivate your account, once you’ve clicked yes there’s no going back!

Security and Privacy
This is where you can increase the security of your account (how easy it is to log in) as well as how secure it is. You can also choose how private your account is, including setting the ability to hide tweets from the general public and only let approved people see them.

For changing your password

Cards and Shipping
You’ll need to set up a payment card and shipping information if you want to purchase items through Twitter (This is completely optional)

Order History
If you have purchased items through Twitter, this is where they will be listed.

Where you can add or edit your mobile number (Used to help verify you when needed)

Email Notifications
Twitter can notify you by email any time someone follows you, replies to one of your tweets, direct messages you and more. If you don’t want to receive these or only want to receive certain notifications, go here.

Web Notifications
Similar to email notifications but received through the web browser

Find Friends
One part of creating an account is the option to find friends using your email contacts list.  If you choose to skip that step, you can come back here and do it at any other time.

Muted Accounts
You can ‘mute‘ users which means they can still read your tweets but their tweets won’t appear in your feed (used for accounts you have to follow but you’re not interested in their tweets, or temporarily whilst a certain account is tweeting heavily about a particular event) The muted accounts tab will let you see all the accounts you have muted and let you make changes to the list.

Blocked Accounts
Blocked users aren’t able to follow you or view your profile while logged into Twitter, their tweets will also not appear in your feed. Similar to muted accounts, here you can edit your blocked account list.

Here are some design options (though only appear on a tweet’s own page)

If you’re using any apps that need access to Twitter (such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, Periscope, etc) they will be listed here. If you want to revoke access to any of the applications, you can do this with a click of a button

The definition of a widget is: an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Twitter widgets are used on websites to display timelines, favourites and lists etc. It’s not something a beginner needs.

Your Twitter Data
This section has some account information such as when you first created your account. There’s not much you can edit here, it’s just data Twitter provides for your information.

Got any questions? Let me know in the comments. For more easy guides to Twitter, visit my social media for beginners page.


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