Social Media For Beginners

If all of this is completely new to you and you have no idea where to start, here are the best blogs to start with. I’ll be regularly updating this page so do check back.

Social Media Jargon
Some of the main words and acronyms used in social media

Mythbusting Social Media
Reasons why churches don’t set up social media accounts, with the counter-arguments

Social networking sites: The ones you should know about
Explaining the top options in social media websites

Choosing the right social network for your church
How do you pick which one to use?

Creating an account
A Step by step guide to creating a new account on Twitter

Understanding the homepage
Guiding you through what everything on the home page does

Updating your Twitter Settings
Listing all the available settings in Twitter

The What and Why of Hashtags
Learning what Twitter hashtags are and the different ways people use them

How to use Hashtags
How to create and use hashtags yourself