10 of the best Christmas videos 2015

This time last year I shared 10 of the best Christmas videos. After an extensive search,  I’ve found 10 more for you! They’re all new or less well known which will hopefully be entertaining, inspiring and useful in your Christmas social media strategy. 

1. Nativity on the Overground
This video won two awards at the recent Jerusalem awards, which was well deserved. The idea behind the video is really simple but very clever and shows off the church’s locale at the same time.

2. The Christmas Story
This is an animated telling of the Christmas story with children telling the story. It’s simple, short and sweet!

3. Anomaly
This might not work particularly well on social media, as at 40 minutes long it’s more of a short film. However, It’s absolutely beautifully shot and directed, so it’s well worth a watch. Why not show it at an evening service or at a home/youth group and then have a discussion about the film afterwards?

4. The Wise Men
Another simple but well made animation telling the story of the wise men.

5. With Love
It’s not until the end of this video that you understand the story it’s telling, but it’s clever and well put together as well as telling a great message.

6. Gold
Told from the perspective of the Wise Men and shot in the Mojave desert features stunning scenery, dramatic music and a reminder of what Christmas is really about.

7. Christmas Lights
A great use of stop motion which tells the Christmas story with a dash humour in the shape of lego figures 

8. Prince of Peace
Simple, pretty, powerful.

9. Mary – Spoken Word
The very talented Miriam Swaffield delivers a spoken word piece from Mary’s perspective that’ll get you thinking. If you liked it, have a watch of videos she’s done from the shepherds and wise men too.

10. Four Kinds of Christmas
A reliably high quality and clever spoken word video from Glen Scrivener to make people think about what kind of Christmas they are. 


Enjoyed these? Why not make your own Christmas video. Have a look at my simple video ideas and be inspired by this selection of videos. Your video could be on this list next Christmas!